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Transformation Tuesday : The IM!

There have been many questions about what the Interactive Metronome (IM) is and what it can do to help all different types of people.  I would like to take a moment to give you a little history and share a brief case study involving the IM. 

The Interactive Metronome was first used in the music industry.  The inventor, Jim Cassily, wanted to help musicians improve their rhythm in order to become better performers.  The traditional metronome has been used for decades but it could only offer passive guidance.  It provided no feedback therefore it had limitations.  Jim's idea was to provide a metronome beat and measure how far off the beat (in milliseconds) the performers were, and whether they were ahead of or behind the beat, and to give the musician auditory feedback that would help them improve.  

Little did Jim know the starting ramifications his Interactive Metronome would have.  Today IM is used in settings as varied as schools, hospitals, clinics, universities, the military and large corporations to improve the brain's efficiency and performance. 

It gave Jim great pleasure to know that his music industry device was used to help children with learning and developmental deficits and patients who suffered a stroke, brain injury or Parkinson's Disease.  Sadly, Jim passed away in March 2005.  But he got to see his dream adopted by thousands of clinicians around the world. 

WWC, the only certified provider in the regional area, is currently taking appointments for the initial assessments.  For further questions please contact Williamson Wellness Center (316) 295-4366 or email ;

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